Saturday, 15 October 2011

Judge Craig S. Strong

" cannot bring back those you killed, but you can correct wrongs for those who were wrongfully convicted of killing people that you killed." - Judge Craig Strong to Vincent Smothers (July 23, 2010)
Confessed hitman sentenced

A confessed hitman has been sentenced to between 50 and 100 years in jail.

Holdup at hitman sentencing

There has been a holdup at the sentencing of a confessed hitman.
Holdup at hitman sentencing

Smothers charged

NPR on Slameka

The Wayne County Court assigned attorney Robert Slameka to provide Davontae's defense. Tominko, Davontae's mother was charged $10,000 and still Slameka provided no defense for Davontae.

This is nothing new for Slameka. He has a long history of failing those he's been assigned to defend and has been reprimanded by the state for misconduct in cases involving more than 16 of his clients.

Slameka shows nothing but contempt for those he is responsible to defend, even when they are innocent. He wrote of one innocent client Eddie Joe Lloyd, "This is a sick individual who raped, kidnapped and strangled a young woman on her way to school. His claim of my wrongdoing is frivolous, just as is his existence. Both should be terminated." This is what Slameka said of a former client even after he had been exonerated...that his existance should be "terminated."

Slameka's reputation and conduct are so terrible NPR actually chose him as their focus in this news report to illustrate how miserably our system of public defense is failing


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